I’m Going to Disney World!

Ford Fusion

As per our usual routine we like to start our day reading the various blogs as well as perusing several automotive websites to check out what’s happening in the automotive world. We have been loving the postive press about Ford lately and we love to tell everyone we see in Southern Maryland how great Ford’s product’s are. It was nice to see that the Ford engineers are sharing in our excitement. Take a look at this article we came across, nice to see our tax dollars hard at work.

When we look at Motor Trend magazine’s golden calipers, we think of a prestigious trophy awarded each year to the publication’s top car and truck of the year. Apparently, the Transportation Security Administration officials at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport see a weapon of mass destruction. Or something.

The proud engineers at Ford have been taking their well-deserved 2010 Ford Fusion Car of the Year award all over town, taking pictures and having a little fun, mimicking what athletes do when they win Lord Stanley’s Cup in hockey or the Lombardi Trophy in football. Ford Research & Advanced Engineering employee Tony Phillips went as far as Disney World with the award, but apparently not before coming to the attention of the TSA at Detroit Metro airport. Phillips had rightly brought the sizable trophy onto the plane as a carry-on – after all, who would want to tell Allan Mulally that they lost the trophy at baggage claim?

MT’s shiny hardware was eventually let on the plane after “some interesting discussion, and it made its way to Orlando to ride some rides and hang with Mickey. Surprisingly, the Orlando TSA agents were more familiar with Ford’s award than were the security agents in the Motor City, and congratulations were given to them on the accomplishment. Just as an FYI for Ford, you can bring by your trophy to Autoblog headquarters any time you wish. We won’t even frisk you at the door.

SOURCE [Autoblog]

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