Ford Fiesta to pace the field at NASCAR race

Can’t say we are surprised by this one. Ford has been a marketing machine when it comes to promoting the all new 2011 Ford Fiesta. Now don’t get us wrong we love, love, love all the attention this outstanding little car that could is getting. Why we even have been doing some ourselves right here at your favorite Southern Maryland Ford Dealer, Waldorf Ford. Take a look here for our recent event at the Maryland Blue Crabs game.

Sure enough, the upcoming Sprint Cup Carfax 400 will be paced by none other than the Blue Oval’s tiny 2011 FiestaSedan. With less than a third of the displacement of the tube-frame beasts lapping Michigan International Speedway, we wouldn’t quite expect lightning-quick pace laps, but hey – safety first. While pace cars are typically some sort of performance product, manufacturers aren’t past parading less than muscular new hardware in front of the captive audiences of the raceway.

If Ford was looking for a way to bring its marketing for the Fiesta out of the social media realm and into a more mainstream American venue, they could have hardly done better than the Sprint Cup. On average, the series races net 7.9 million viewers. On Sunday, August 15, each and every one of those souls will get to watch a maroon four door fiesta lead the pack, complete with a massive Blue Oval decal down the side. Talk about cheap advertising.

SOURCE [AutoBlog]

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