Maryland is hands free

If you live in Maryland, you may want to take notice.  Today is the day you need to have a hands free device to talk on the phone.  It is a secondary offense – meaning the officer can’t pull you over for this alone, but you need to get yourself hands-free none the less.  Now, Waldorf Ford has a couple of solutions for you!  First of course is to buy a new Ford vehicle that is equipped with SYNC.  Ford partnered with Microsoft to develop SYNC so you can use your phone, your USB device, radio, etc – hands-free.

Second, and not as exciting as driving a new vehicle, is to visit the nearest Best Buy, Target, Walmart or other retailer and purchase yourself a blue tooth headset or speaker to pair with your phone.  If your phone isn’t bluetooth capable, then you will have to suffer with a wired solution.

Contact us at or at 301-843-2400 for more information on SYNC.  Safe Travels!

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