Wild Goose Chase

We went on a wild goose chase today; quite literally. Last fall we developed a piece of property adjacent to our commercial lot, This additional lot is for additional vehicle display. The construction consisted of expanding the parking lot, adding new lights, creating a storm water management area (a bigger pond) and expansion of our small forest conservation area. It’s important to us to do what we can to help protect the Chesapeake Bay.

Apparently a pair of Canada geese really liked what we did! They have taken up residence and have started a family. The female is currently sitting on the nest, so we don’t know for sure that there are eggs under there – and I am not brave enough to try and find out! If our suspicions are correct, there is a good chance that we will have goslings in a few weeks. So keep checking for updates on our Facebook  page…. Waldorf Ford Maybe next time there will be a real chase involved!

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