Red light-runner has ill-advised change of heart

Red light-runner has ill-advised change of heart

Red Light

We’ve all done it before. Your sitting on 301 north in Waldorf or some other random traffic light in Southern Maryland and the light is red, but you’re turning right, so you stop and then proceed as soon as traffic clears. But then, just as you’ve committed, you spot a Crown Victoria, and your mind starts to race. Was there a no turn on red sign back there? Is that a cop? Oh snap, there goes my insurance premiums!

It’s not a pretty feeling, but once you’re committed, you know it’s too late. Well, it’s too late for most, but apparently not everyone in Russia agrees. Take a look at the below video that illustrates what not to do after deciding to turn right on a red light. We don’t speak Russian, but we’d like to think that the video’s narrator is calling this driver a, uh, buffoon.

SOURCE [AutoBlog]


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