Daily Ford Quote & Star Trek

“I don’t believe in no-win scenarios”
Captain James T, Kirk


This quote is obviously not from Henry Ford, It was said a few hundred years from now, by the future captain of the star-ship Enterprise.

In honor of the new trailer being released for the next Star Trek Movie, Waldorf Ford thought we would switch it up today. But this quote does describe the Ford philosophy pretty well. Waldorf Ford does not believe in no win scenarios either, and that is evident in our employees and our customers who seem to portray the same drive.

Some Star Trek Trivia for you, Zefram Cochrane, the fictional inventor of Warp Drive, was the distant relative of Henry Ford, Further The Star-Ship Enterprise will be manufactured by Ford Motor Corporation… Some have even said that Gene Rodenberry, Star Trek creator was inspired by Henry Ford.

Tell us what you think of the new Star Trek trailer, we might just take a test drive to the theater when this comes out.

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