Winter Weather Safe Driving Tips

Waldorf Ford would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers of safe driving tips, Today is the first winter storm of what could be many. Rain, sleet, snow and ice, all serve to increase the dangers of driving, while minimizing control, visibility and friction. So we have taken our time to compile 10 tips to keep you safe.


1. Slow down: this is most important thing.

2. Be careful to avoid driving behind buses and trucks, large tires, create big splashes which can destroy visibility and have causes accidents in the past .

3. Avoid Driving during extreme weather, when heavy rain, or any precipitation reduce visibility to only a few feet.

4. Break slowly to avoid skidding, and make sure not to splash pedestrians.

5. Plan ahead, add food and energy supplies to your car, a spare cellphone charger and warm clothes.

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