Brake Pads for Life


I’m here at the Waldorf Ford Service Department for an exciting announcement.

Effective immediately – Waldorf Ford is introducing a Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee!

I know, I know, You’re saying  “of course you can offer a lifetime guarantee on brake pads……dealership prices are so high you can afford to!”

Ok, we’ve probably earned that in the past but Waldorf Ford Service has worked hard to be competitively priced.  Recently we conducted a phone shopping campaign and verified that our brake pricing was either equivalent to or much lower than the Pep Boys, Meineke, Jiffy Lube and Firestone stores in our area.

In fact, we found that most of our maintenance services are extremely competitive. 

Now you’re saying, what’s the catch?  There has to be some kind of catch or gimmick. 

Nope.  No catch no gimmick.

Think about it.  We want your business…..from purchasing your vehicle, to accessories, parts and service.  Our goal is for our customers to receive the best products, the best prices and the best experience all in one place!

The new Lifetime Brake Pad Guarantee is simple.

When we install new Motorcraft brake pads on your vehicle they are guaranteed for life by Ford Motor Company.  So the next time your brakes are low, you don’t pay for brake pads again…….it’s that simple! 

Just ask your Waldorf Ford Service Advisor about it and they will be glad to review it with you!

Waldorf Ford is located at 2440 Crain Highway in Waldorf, MD 20601.  We can also be reached at 301-843-2400 or online at http://www.waldorfford.com!

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