Not ready to let go

15MustangGTThere was a time when I drove a beautiful, bright Mustang. She was fast, she was fun, she was the one…and then I became mommy to my second child.

Hard as I tried, I couldn’t make the whole rear facing car seat thing work. There just wasn’t enough room for that, and me to drive. I contemplated a weight loss program to make it work, but alas, I love food. Oh and two doors? Any parent can tell you how difficult it is to get a car seat in the back of a car that only has two doors, never mind groceries, diaper bags, and a sibling.

Much to my dismay, it was time to say goodbye to a car that was jam packed with memories, and that helped me feel like I still had some control over how fast I became an adult. Each dent, each scratch (yes, there were a few that will make a great story for another day), held a memory. This car was the car I drove my children home from the hospital in. Their welcome to the world ticket home. And it was time to say goodbye.

I shed tears, yes real tears over losing her. Crazy, I know; I’m a tad sentimental, but the time search for bigger and newer had come.

I searched everywhere, I met many cars that just weren’t the “one”. My brain said get a van, but my soul said, not yet, not yet! And then I found her. A mommy car, that didn’t really scream mommy car, the Ford Escape. It was love at first sight, a blinding love that only grew as I learned more about her.

13EscapeShe’s a beautiful 24k gold, that glimmers like happiness in the sun. She has a power driver seat, and I can even talk to her to change the temperature, play a goofy kids song, or simply ask her to guide me to my destination. Goldie, as I call her (come on, we all name our cars, right?) is spacious, and has enough adapters that I can plug in my phone, kids can plug in their tablets, and there is still room for more. Not sure what the more is, but when I find it, I’m plugging it in.

She has a rear view camera, which has come in handy multiple times, and my favorite part, a skylight in the back, and a sunroof in the front. Yay sunlight! Next in line for favorite features, is the foot activated, hands free, power liftgate. Oh my! No more struggling to open the back with a kid in one arm, and and a bazillion grocery bags in the other!

Happily, I’ve always been a part of the Ford family, and I drive with pride in my new, no kid spilled cheerios on the seats escape. When they do finally spill their food, it’s okay, mommy got leather this time 🙂

There’s plenty more to learn about the Escape than what I’ve mentioned, so please check us out on the web

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