NASCAR getting ready to race!


During the days of prohibition a sport was born by speeding alcohol smugglers, who altered their cars in order to escape police.  When prohibition was overturned, there was still a subculture of altering and racing cars, this would become NASCAR.


Since those humble days, NASCAR has grown to become one of the most popular sports in the United States. A particular section is Stock car racing, which brings us to the upcoming 2013 Sprint Cup race series.


This year Ford will be racing a Ford Fusion, against Charger, Chevrolet SS and a Toyota Camry.  Penske Racing has switched its manufacturer from Dodge to Ford.

Suffering from a slowdown in fan, NASCAR is rumored to have plans to use the Sprint series as a vehicle to attract new fans and a new generation to the sport. This year, more videos and a larger online presence are expected to help bring in the internet generation.

The race schedule will be held on as follows, be sure to watch, and be sure to come back to the Waldorf Ford blog for more information and future updates.

2013 Schedule

Date Track TV Date Track TV Date Track TV
Feb. 16 Daytona Shootout Fox May 18 Charlotte All-Star Speed Aug. 24 Bristol ABC
Feb. 17 Daytona 500 qualifying Fox May 26 Charlotte Fox Sept. 1 Atlanta ESPN
Feb. 21 Daytona Duel Speed June 2 Dover Fox Sept. 7 Richmond ABC
Feb. 24 Daytona 500 Fox June 9 Pocono TNT Sept. 15 Chicagoland ESPN
March 3 Phoenix Fox June 16 Michigan TNT Sept. 22 New Hampshire ESPN
March 10 Las Vegas Fox June 23 Sonoma TNT Sept. 29 Dover ESPN
March 17 Bristol Fox June 29 Kentucky TNT Oct. 6 Kansas ESPN
March 24 Auto Club Fox July 6 Daytona TNT Oct. 12 Charlotte ABC
April 7 Martinsville Fox July 14 New Hampshire TNT Oct. 20 Talladega ESPN
April 13 Texas Fox July 28 Indianapolis ESPN Oct. 27 Martinsville ESPN
April 21 Kansas Fox Aug. 4 Pocono ESPN Nov. 3 Texas ESPN
April 27 Richmond Fox Aug. 11 Watkins Glen ESPN Nov. 10 Phoenix ESPN
May 5 Talladega Fox Aug. 18 Michigan ESPN Nov. 17 Homestead ESPN

Putting Regular In Your Premium Car? Think Twice

We hope that you find this information helpful. If you have any questions about which fuel is recommended or required by your Ford vehicle, just give us a call at 800-883-1487. Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 North in Waldorf MD, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC

Shopping for a new vehicle

There comes a point in most everyone’s life that they need to replace their current vehicle. I don’t know about you, but looking for a replacement normally isn’t something I get too excited about. Narrowing down the choices, finding what I want, are just two of the decisions that need to be made. Then it’s – who do I buy it from, negotiating a price, do I want a extended warranty or accessories are more choices. Then its on to financing, do I use my own bank or the dealer, 60 months or 72 months – ARGHH! My head is spinning just thinking about it all.

Our previous blog post “Things to consider when car shopping” had some good pointers on choosing the vehicle, but then comes the question, how do you find it? Some of the obvious places to look are the major auto classified websites like AutoTrader, Edmunds, and Kelley Blue Book. These sites not only list vehicles for sale for lots of dealers in your areas, they also have vehicle and dealer reviews. They can be a big help in locating what you are looking for. You should also look at your local dealers website. You can use Google to find them or if you saw a vehicle they had listed on one of the classified sites, you can access them through there. You can also check your local newspaper and see if they have their website advertised there (I know at Waldorf Ford we have it listed on every page of the advertising catalog we do every other week that goes in the mail and newspaper).

Catalog banner

Catalog banner

Once you have located the vehicle, just submit a quote to continue your journey to a new car purchase. Stay tuned for future articles to help you through the actual purchase of your next vehicle. As always, when you are ready to buy your new car, we hope that Waldorf Ford will be on your short list of places to shop. We are located on Route 301 north in Waldorf MD, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

Waldorf Ford Preowned and Ford Certified Preowned vehicles

Did you know that we are a Ford Certified Preowned dealer? Well, we are! We became a FCPO (Ford Certified Pre Owned) dealer because of the great benefits it has for our customers. It allows you to drive home in a late model Ford with peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

Every FCPO vehicle goes through a rigorous and thorough 172 point inspection. We check the VIN, make sure all service recalls are performed, run a vehicle history report and perform any necessary scheduled maintenance. While its in the shop, the engine is tested and 35 items under the hood are checked and if necessary brought into spec. Then we take it for a Road test to make sure it runs and drives properly. The exterior and interior are both gone over with a fine toothed comb and any necessary repairs are performed. We check the frame, exhaust, tires, brakes and lots more! When we are done the vehicle is practically new!

The benefits of FCPO don’t end with the 172 point inspection. Every FCPO vehicle comes with peace-of-mind warranty coverage. The comprehensive limited warranty covers more than 500 components for 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes first) and the fully transferable powertrain limited warranty covers you for 7 years /100,000 miles. You can also choose to extend the warranty when you purchase your vehicle for extra assurance.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there either. FCPO vehicles also come with 24-hour roadside assistance. Complimentary roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Available services include:

* Towing assistance of up to $100 for warranty and non-warranty problems, including accidents (excludes impound and repossession)
* Travel expense reimbursement of up to $500, for up to 3 days lodging, meals and rental vehicle for travel expenses accrued when the breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home
* Destination expense assistance of up to $75 for emergency transportation to the immediate destination
* Rental car reimbursement of up to $30 per day for up to 5 days
* Fuel delivery if the vehicle runs out of fuel — up to 2 gallons at no charge
* Flat-tire changes on site
* Jump starts for dead batteries
* Lockout assistance of up to $50 to unlock vehicle doors
* Service throughout the 50 United States and Canada

Not every vehicle has what it takes to become Ford Certified. Each Ford must be less than 6 years old and have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. Additionally, the vehicle must pass the check of the vehicle history report.

Finally, when you purchase a FCPO you may be eligible for a special interest rate, which can be as low as 1.9% APR.

If you have any questions about the Ford Certified Preowned Program, check us out online at or stop by and see us. Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 North in Waldorf, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

How do I pick the right Ford truck?

Our sales staff occasionally get asked questions like this, so we thought it might be time to answer it here.

11 Ford Superduty Towing

So, we understand you are out looking for a new truck. With all of the advancements Ford has introduced over the past couple of years, we can understand why it it is so hard to pick. Here are some of the questions we ask to help narrow down the choices.

1. Are you going to do any towing? If yes,
a. Is the trailer a gooseneck, fifth wheel or bumper pull?
b. How much weight will you be towing?
c. How often will you be towing and where?
These questions help us determine which size truck you need – F150, F250, F350 etc.

2. How many people does it need to seat (or pets)?
This one helps determine whether you need a regular cab, Super cab or Crew Cab.

3. Will this be your daily driver or just a tow/haul vehicle?
Or better yet – is fuel economy important

4. Do you drive anywhere you might need 4 Wheel Drive?

5. Will you be carrying anything in the bed?
This will help us determine if you need a full 8 foot bed or if a shorter bed will work.

6. Is this for business use or personal use?

We ask all of these to help you make the right choice when purchasing a truck. Since the introduction of the Ecoboost V6, we are finding more and more that people that previously needed a diesel F250, can now have all of their towing and hauling needs met by the F150.

So, if you find yourself truck shopping, we hope you find these questions helpful. If you would like us to help, just stop by and see us. Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 North in Waldorf, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC. We are proud to be your local Ford dealer.

Things to consider when car shopping

We came across a great article on The Auto Channel and thought they had some pretty great points.

1 – Determine your PRACTICAL NEEDS for a new vehicle;

How will you be using your new car? How many passengers will you be carrying? What type of topography will you be driving on? How far will you be driving each week? Will your new car be too tall to fit into your garage? Will your 6’5” son be able to sit in the back seat? Do you need to haul lots of luggage or recreational gear? Will you be in a car pool? ETC.

2 – Determine your BUDGET and STICK TO IT

Remember the cost of the vehicle is just one of your monthly costs. Fuel, Maintenance, Depreciation, End Value, Insurance, Repairs are just a few of the additional costs of operating a car.

3 – Determine your EMOTIONAL NEEDS, which car or truck really makes you happy when you drive it.

Today’s cars and trucks are made really well and with the proper care will remain serviceable almost forever, the average age a consumer owns their car has risen to over 8 years…so if you hate it you will have a lot of disagreeable moments over the next decade…so you better make sure you are really happy with your choice.

4 – Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive, Test Drive

Buying your next vehicle should not just be a couple of hour task but should take place only after careful considerations and research. And after investing your time to do steps 1,2 and 3, and then coming up with your short list of potentials, DON’T BLOW IT! Spend your next two weekends driving each car or truck on your short list.

4A. Do not test drive with your spouse or partner

Do it alone. Then compare notes about each car, by being alone no matter what you are offered or pressured to do, you have a built in excuse not to buy until you talk to your significant other, make sure you are absolutely 100% sure you can have a long term relationship with this vehicle!


Take your Test Drives not for 10 minutes but for hours, take your potential purchases to the same places you will be driving each day, see how it parks in your regular parking lot… see how it handles a trip to the supermarket, see how it handles the bumpy roads on your shortcuts, see how it does in the rain (or snow and ice), see how it does in stop and go traffic, because the decision you make will either make you happy or miserable forever, and aren’t you worth the time to find out?

The team here at Waldorf Ford agrees with all of these points, with the exception of maybe one. We will say, we would rather have you test drive with your significant other, simply because if you do decide to purchase while you are here, the process will be easier. We will not pressure you or hassle you into buying if you are not ready. However if you feel more comfortable without your other half, then we are happy to help you by answering any and all questions and by taking you on a test drive. We want satisfied customers before, during and after the sale.

When you are ready to buy your new car, we hope that Waldorf Ford will be on your short list of places to shop. We are located on Route 301 north in Waldorf MD, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

2013 Ford Taurus – Coming SOON to a dealer near you.

The date will be even sooner if you live near Waldorf MD.

Tuesday, February 21, 2011 – a representative from Ford Motor Company will be at Waldorf Ford to train our staff on the 2013 Ford Taurus. We really look forward to these events because it give us a chance to see the car before they are produced in mass and an opportunity to learn more about the car hands on before we start selling them. We are also able to invite our customers, so they can have a sneak peak of what is new as well.

So, what is so great about the 2013 Ford Taurus? Let’s start with the exterior. On all models the hood has been sculpted and flows down to redesigned grilles. The SHO grille will be black mesh, the other trim levels will get a toned down chrome grille. There are other subtle changes that impact the rear decklid, headlamps and taillamps.

Waldorf Ford

Now – under the hood there are two big changes to the lower trim levels. New for 2013, you will have the option of equipping your Taurus with a 2.0L Ecoboost or an improved 3.6L V6 engine. Both of these are currently available in other models, so while new to Taurus, they are not new for Ford. SHO will still be equipped with the 3.5L Ecoboost. Standard on all models is the six speed Selectshift automatic transmission. Just push a button and you can choose to override the automatic and shift gears yourself for more of a performance feel.

New to SHO in 2013 will be the availability of the Sports Performance package. It features a sport-tuned suspension with unique shocks and track-tuned brake calipers, upgraded performance brake pads, a calibrated electric power-assisted steering (EPAS) system, higher-rated springs, tuned shocks, stiffer stabilizer bars and rear suspension to provide a more connected feel between the driver and the road. It also includes a Track Mode/True Off setting for AdvanceTrac® ESC (electronic stability control), which delivers a more spirited driving experience. And it has a 3.16 final drive ratio for quick off-the-line acceleration. The SHO Performance Package also comes with 20″ machined and painted wheels with performance summer tires and a tire mobility kit.

These are just a few of the things upgraded for 2013. If you want to see the Taurus before it starts hitting dealer lots, stop by on February 21st. We hope to see you then!

Something you might not know about Waldorf Ford

(Trophy is the 2009 Trophy. The official announcement for 2011 will be made sometime in Mid March)

One of the accomplishments, we at Waldorf Ford, are most proud of, is that for the sixth year in a row, we are on track to win the Ford Triple Crown. The final results will be announced in the near future. Now, you might think “so what”. You shouldn’t. This means a lot for you as our loyal customer – or you as a potential customer. You see, the Triple Crown is awarded to 25 or less Ford and Lincoln dealers nationally every year. It requires that the dealer be in the top 100 dealers in the nation in sales volume, that the dealer win the President’s Award for excellent customer service and that they are in the top in the nation in parts and service sales or Extended Service Plan sales.

Waldorf Ford makes it into the top 100 dealers in sales (and many times in the top 50) because we sell a lot of vehicles. This gives us a bigger allocation of vehicles and ultimately a bigger selection of new vehicles for you to choose from when you are ready to purchase. Selling a lot of new vehicles also means that we have a bigger selection of preowned vehicles to choose from because of trade-ins. The next part though is where we are different from other volume dealers. We win the President’s Award.

The President’s Award was developed in 1998. Dealers become eligible through survey responses from customers related to their service, satisfaction and overall dealership experience. If we don’t do a good job taking care of you before, during and after the sale, then our scores reflect that. We have currently won the President’s Award six years in a row and 11 times in the last 15 years.

The final qualifier for the Triple Crown Award is to be in the top in the nation in parts and service sales or Extended Service Plan sales. Perennially we are one of the top dealers in the country in Extended Service Plan sales. We want to provide our customers the peace of mind that an extended service plan provides. When your new car’s factory warranty expires, or if you purchased a preowned vehicle, those unexpected repairs can cost you sometimes thousands of dollars. An extended service plan will cost you less and you can pay for it over time if you finance it with the car.

Now that we have gone through the details of the Triple Crown Award, want to know something about Waldorf Ford that you didn’t know? Waldorf Ford is the ONLY dealer in our region to ever win the Triple Crown Award from Ford. That’s right the ONLY ONE! It just proves that we are the only dealer in the region that has a large inventory of new Ford vehicles to choose from, that takes care of their customers before, during and after the sale and that cares about the peace of mind of their customers. You would have to drive to Boston or to Charlotte NC to find another dealer that is proven to provide the same service. Next time you are looking to buy a new Ford, or to have your current Ford vehicle serviced, do you think Waldorf Ford will be on your list? We hope so!

Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 north in Waldorf, Maryland. Just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

Black Friday Car Deals in Waldorf!

Yes, we know. Black Friday isn’t traditionally a “car sales” day. Waldorf Ford, Waldorf Dodge and Waldorf Ford Preowned Center have set out to change that! Now we haven’t taken it as far as Walmart, Target, HH Gregg etc by opening at midnight, but we will open earlier than usual – 7:30am – and we will have some AWESOME car deals as well as some great giveaways with each purchase.

We are so excited about it that we made a video!

So when you are out and about in Waldorf, Maryland on Black Friday, stop in and see us at Waldorf Ford, Waldorf Dodge and Waldorf Ford Preowned Center. We are located on Route 301 North, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

Black Friday – Just 92 hours away!

Well, 92hours is when our big Black Friday Blackout sale starts here at Waldorf Ford and Waldorf Dodge. If you are looking for the DEAL OF THE YEAR on a new Ford, a new Dodge or a preowned vehicle, you need to get here early. Last year the lines were long when we opened and people drove away with some fantastic cars. This year we expect even bigger crowds. Check out the video for the details:

Waldorf Ford and Waldorf Dodge are located on Route 301 North in Waldorf MD, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.