Accessorizing your Ford truck

Whether you have had your Ford truck for 1 hour or 20 years, there is no time like the present to add some fun and even necessary accessories.  We have compiled a short list of add-ons that most anyone can put on themselves, though you can always head over to see us to have our Aftermarket team order and install them for you.

These are listed in no particular order, except it does seem like the first ones might be a little easier to install.

1.  HID or Xenon headlights.   Upgrade your headlights to one of these choices for terrific nighttime visibility.  They produce a whiter and brighter light than traditional bulbs.  Light up the roadway ahead and avoid potential hazards sooner.

2.  HID or Xenon Fog lamps.  As with headlights, these new bulbs for your fog lamps really make a huge difference when your visibility is compromised by fog or rain conditions.  These lights can be white or, as more commonly seen off-road, yellow.

3.  LED Under Bedrail lights.   Once you have installed these you will wonder what took you so long to put them on.  These LEDs install right under the bedrails and out of sight, except when you need them.  I am sure at one time or another you have had to fish around in the dark in the bed of your truck for something.  Now with the flip of a switch, your whole bed will be lit up!

4.  Back-up Camera.  Most new vehicles have a backup camera installed.   They are super handy and help to keep you from backing into the trash can or over the kids toys.  They are also great when you are trying to hookup your trailer (unless of course you have a gooseneck trailer).  There are lots of sources where you can buy a kit and install your very own.

5.  Wireless trailer camera system.  While this isn’t really for your truck, it is great for your own peace of mind.  If you do a lot of hauling and want to keep an eye on your precious cargo, then one of these is just the ticket.  You install the monitor in your truck and the camera in the trailer and voila!  Well, maybe not THAT easy, but still do-able yourself.  And the come wireless, so installation is even easier.

Those are our picks for today.  What accessories are a must have for your truck?  Share them with us by emailing them to  If you want more information about Waldorf Ford or any of the new F150s or Superduty trucks we have in stock, check us out online at – or stop by and see us.  We are located on Route 301N in Waldorf, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

Waldorf Ford Preowned and Ford Certified Preowned vehicles

Did you know that we are a Ford Certified Preowned dealer? Well, we are! We became a FCPO (Ford Certified Pre Owned) dealer because of the great benefits it has for our customers. It allows you to drive home in a late model Ford with peace of mind. Here are some of the benefits of the program:

Every FCPO vehicle goes through a rigorous and thorough 172 point inspection. We check the VIN, make sure all service recalls are performed, run a vehicle history report and perform any necessary scheduled maintenance. While its in the shop, the engine is tested and 35 items under the hood are checked and if necessary brought into spec. Then we take it for a Road test to make sure it runs and drives properly. The exterior and interior are both gone over with a fine toothed comb and any necessary repairs are performed. We check the frame, exhaust, tires, brakes and lots more! When we are done the vehicle is practically new!

The benefits of FCPO don’t end with the 172 point inspection. Every FCPO vehicle comes with peace-of-mind warranty coverage. The comprehensive limited warranty covers more than 500 components for 12 months/12,000 miles (whichever comes first) and the fully transferable powertrain limited warranty covers you for 7 years /100,000 miles. You can also choose to extend the warranty when you purchase your vehicle for extra assurance.

Wait, it doesn’t stop there either. FCPO vehicles also come with 24-hour roadside assistance. Complimentary roadside assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Available services include:

* Towing assistance of up to $100 for warranty and non-warranty problems, including accidents (excludes impound and repossession)
* Travel expense reimbursement of up to $500, for up to 3 days lodging, meals and rental vehicle for travel expenses accrued when the breakdown occurs more than 100 miles from home
* Destination expense assistance of up to $75 for emergency transportation to the immediate destination
* Rental car reimbursement of up to $30 per day for up to 5 days
* Fuel delivery if the vehicle runs out of fuel — up to 2 gallons at no charge
* Flat-tire changes on site
* Jump starts for dead batteries
* Lockout assistance of up to $50 to unlock vehicle doors
* Service throughout the 50 United States and Canada

Not every vehicle has what it takes to become Ford Certified. Each Ford must be less than 6 years old and have less than 80,000 miles on the odometer. Additionally, the vehicle must pass the check of the vehicle history report.

Finally, when you purchase a FCPO you may be eligible for a special interest rate, which can be as low as 1.9% APR.

If you have any questions about the Ford Certified Preowned Program, check us out online at or stop by and see us. Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 North in Waldorf, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC.

How do I pick the right Ford truck?

Our sales staff occasionally get asked questions like this, so we thought it might be time to answer it here.

11 Ford Superduty Towing

So, we understand you are out looking for a new truck. With all of the advancements Ford has introduced over the past couple of years, we can understand why it it is so hard to pick. Here are some of the questions we ask to help narrow down the choices.

1. Are you going to do any towing? If yes,
a. Is the trailer a gooseneck, fifth wheel or bumper pull?
b. How much weight will you be towing?
c. How often will you be towing and where?
These questions help us determine which size truck you need – F150, F250, F350 etc.

2. How many people does it need to seat (or pets)?
This one helps determine whether you need a regular cab, Super cab or Crew Cab.

3. Will this be your daily driver or just a tow/haul vehicle?
Or better yet – is fuel economy important

4. Do you drive anywhere you might need 4 Wheel Drive?

5. Will you be carrying anything in the bed?
This will help us determine if you need a full 8 foot bed or if a shorter bed will work.

6. Is this for business use or personal use?

We ask all of these to help you make the right choice when purchasing a truck. Since the introduction of the Ecoboost V6, we are finding more and more that people that previously needed a diesel F250, can now have all of their towing and hauling needs met by the F150.

So, if you find yourself truck shopping, we hope you find these questions helpful. If you would like us to help, just stop by and see us. Waldorf Ford is located on Route 301 North in Waldorf, just 15 minutes south of Washington DC. We are proud to be your local Ford dealer.