Black Friday Sales Event


Visit us this Friday, November 29th for Waldorf Ford’s Black Friday Event! Get the best deal ever! New Vehicles starting at $11,000! Used vehicles starting at $995! Get up to $1500 in cash from dealer or dozens of gifts! Doors open at 7:30 am!!! Hurry – they will go fast!!! 301-843-2400

You’re Invited to a Plug-In Hybrid Clinic and Drive!


Watch as Wadorf Ford Sales Consultant Mr. Hall talks about this event

Watch as Waldorf Ford Sales Consultant Corey Wathen Talks about this event

Watch as Waldorf Ford Sales Consultant Nate Conley talks about this event

Watch as Sales Consultant Adam Pond Talks about this event

Watch as Sales Consultant Paul Harry talks about this event

You’re Invited to a Plug-In Hybrid Clinic and Drive!


We are inviting our customers, friends, family and the community to this special Ford Fusion Energi and Ford C-MAX Energi plug-in Hybrid Clinic and Test drive that we’re having at Waldorf Ford on October 22nd, 2013! The purpose of this clinic is to allow our customers to learn more about plug-in hybrid vehicles. You’ll be able to ask questions of product specialists and to drive our Energi products versus a Toyota Prius Plug-in.

Test drive the Ford C-MAX Energi or Fusion Energi versus a Prius Plug-in
 Learn how to save gas and time driving a Ford Fusion Energi or C-MAX Energi
 Enjoy life in the HOV lane
 Ask Ford product experts about how a plug-in hybrid works and see if it’s the right vehicle for you
 Experience what it’s like to drive in 100% electric mode
 Learn how you can charge at home using either a standard 120-volt or available 240-volt outlet
 Find out how you can achieve up to 620 miles driving range using both gas and electric mode

Also you have the opportunity to Enter to Win a C-Max Energi 2-year Lease!  No purchase necessary to win!

c-max energi 2-year lease

Join us on October, 22nd from Noon to 8pm 

at Waldorf Ford

Located on 2440 Crain Hwy

 in Waldorf, MD 20601


Waldorf Ford Makes Driveway Car-Washing Easy and Fun with Tips and Video


Waldorf Ford Makes Driveway Car-Washing Easy and Fun with Tips and Video

Waldorf, Maryland, 2013 – Saving a few dollars, getting a little exercise in the sun or prepping your classic for a summer cruise are just a few reasons to clean your vehicle by hand.

Besides, a freshly-washed and cleaned car just looks better, right?

Waldorf Ford has some tips for the next time you’re in the mood to grab a hose and a bucket to make the star of your driveway look its best.

Visit to watch “Ford Makes Car-Washing Easy,” a short and entertaining video featuring Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer, Paint and Body Repair and the Ford GT Mustang.

Cleaning your car’s exterior:

• Be well-soaked: Make sure the car is fully rinsed off first and kept wet during the wash. You want to float the dirt off the surface

• Use the right soap: Ford recommends soap specifically formulated for cars. “Even a mild dishwashing liquid can strip wax protection and possibly cause waterspotting concerns,” said Gerry Bonanni, senior engineer, Paint and Body Repair

• Grab your mitt: Ford recommends a sponge or wool mitt. Keep the sponge or mitt wet and sudsy to help float the dirt away instead of rubbing or scratching the surface

• Start at the top: Wash the top, then the sides and save the bottom for last, which is where the most grit typically accumulates

• Dry it off: Use a water blade and a soft towel to fully dry the vehicle

• Wax on: Ford recommends waxing your car to help keep the surface protected

• Wiper blades: Use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol

Each Ford vehicle undergoes a five-layer paint process designed to enhance long-term durability. The procedure starts with a pretreatment that protects against corrosion and ends with a clearcoat that aids in reducing chips and scratches.

Cleaning your car’s interior:

• Instrument panel: Wipe the instrument panel, interior trim areas and cluster lens with a clean, damp white cotton cloth, then use a clean and dry white cotton cloth to dry those areas. Household or glass cleaners are not recommended

• Vacuum: For fabric, carpets, cloth seats and safety belts, use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and loose dirt

• Use the right cleaners: Ford recommends using auto-specific carpet and upholstery cleaner for light stains. If grease or tar is present, Ford recommends spot-cleaning the area first with an auto-specific spot-and-stain remover

• For leather seats: For routine cleaning, wipe the surface with a soft, damp cloth. For more thorough cleaning, wipe the surface with a mild soap-and-water solution. Dry the area with a soft cloth. Leather cleaning products designed for automotive interiors also are available

Summer-specific issues
Ford recommends never washing a vehicle that is hot to the touch or during exposure to strong, direct sunlight. In addition to warm weather, summer also presents other challenges when it comes to keeping your car looking nice. When you’re hit with the following, try to clean off quickly and follow these tips:

• Bird droppings, bugs, suntan lotion, insect repellent: Wash off with car wash soap and water as soon as possible
• Tree sap and tar: Use a good quality bug and tar remover and wax afterward
• Bothered by bugs? Going on a long trip and don’t want to face a windshield and/or bumper full of dead insects by the time you arrive? Wipe down your windshield with a tumble dryer sheet; bugs won’t stick to the glass as easily. Also, give your bumpers the once-over with cooking spray
• Don’t scratch it; smear it: Can’t get that sticker from the amusement park or beach parking lot off your window? Saturate it with cooking oil before you start scrubbing

Here are a couple of tips aimed at those who display their vehicles at car shows.

To clean aluminum wheels and wheel covers:
• Use wheel and tire cleaner. Heavy dirt and brake dust accumulation may require a little elbow grease with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly with a strong stream of water
• Never apply any cleaning chemical to hot or warm wheel rims or covers

To clean the engine:
• Take care when using a power washer. The high-pressure fluid could penetrate sealed parts and cause damage
• Do not spray a hot engine with cold water. You could crack the engine block or other engine components
• Use specially formulated engine shampoo and degreaser
• The battery and filters need to be covered when cleaning. Refer to your owner’s manual
• Never wash or rinse the engine while it is hot or running; water in the running engine may cause internal damage
• Never wash or rinse any ignition coil, spark plug wire or spark plug well, or the area in and around these locations

Be sure to refer to your vehicle owner guide or contact Waldorf Ford for more cleaning and care information.

Waldorf Ford is located at 2440 Crain Hwy in Waldorf, Maryland 20601. Call 301-843-2400.

LADIES DAY VIDEO is This Thursday, May 9th, 2013!


LADIES DAY is this Thursday, May 9th, 2013!!! Watch as the “Natalies” from Waldorf Ford’s Service Department talk about this very special event! #WaldorfLadiesDay

Valentine Day History, Lets get Electric with the 2013 Ford Focus Electric


On this episode of our Video blog we tell you about something potentially shocking as well as share with you a sure fire way to recover from last year’s Valentine’s day debacle. To see more join Sarah on our latest video blog. come by and visit or give us a call 301-843-2400

Video Blog time with a 2013 Ford Mustang, 2013 Ford Explorer and a Wood Chuck!?

Video In this episode of our video blog we talk about and easy decision for your next family trip, Show you why one of the seven deadly sins might not be so bad after all and go up north to see how much wood a woodchuck can chuck!

Daily Ford Quote & Star Trek


“I don’t believe in no-win scenarios”
Captain James T, Kirk


This quote is obviously not from Henry Ford, It was said a few hundred years from now, by the future captain of the star-ship Enterprise.

In honor of the new trailer being released for the next Star Trek Movie, Waldorf Ford thought we would switch it up today. But this quote does describe the Ford philosophy pretty well. Waldorf Ford does not believe in no win scenarios either, and that is evident in our employees and our customers who seem to portray the same drive.

Some Star Trek Trivia for you, Zefram Cochrane, the fictional inventor of Warp Drive, was the distant relative of Henry Ford, Further The Star-Ship Enterprise will be manufactured by Ford Motor Corporation… Some have even said that Gene Rodenberry, Star Trek creator was inspired by Henry Ford.

Tell us what you think of the new Star Trek trailer, we might just take a test drive to the theater when this comes out.

Win a Ford Fusion


Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 starting at 4pm, Ford will host its first live event. According to the facebook page for the event, prizes will be given away, including a 2013 Ford Fusion, according to how nice the youtube comments are.

“For every comment we like, we’ll add a gift to the basket. And for the best of the best comments, we reserve the ultimate thank you – a 2013 Ford Fusion.”


The website encourages contestants to “be creative.” For more information on the Fusion, please see a previous article comparing the Fusion to the C-Max.

To enter the contest, would be Fusion owners need to comment on the live video here. More information about please see official rules. Waldorf Ford encourages readers to enter