Brand promoter – are you one?

Yesterday, when I was out and about in a 2013 Explorer, I happened to stop at a local grocery store to pickup some things.  As I was walking into the grocery store a woman I didn’t know stopped me to ask how I liked my Explorer.

Ford Explorer

Have you ever had this happen?  Seems like I am always being asked about whatever vehicle I am driving – whether it is an Explorer, Edge, Fusion or Super Duty.  My answers are always honest about what I like and don’t like, but they do always end up promoting what I am driving.  I guess its because I won’t drive it if I don’t like it….but that is probably the case with most of us.

So what did I tell her you ask?  Well simply that I really liked the Explorer.  It handles well, is roomy and gets decent gas mileage for it’s size.  I encouraged her to take it for a test drive at a local event sponsored by our dealership.  Hopefully she will and we can add another promoter to the Ford family.

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